Project 4

Snoot for Alien Bees Strobes  -  'The 6 Dollar Snoot' - Page 3
By Ed Baumgarten

Cut a bunch of straws to around an inch long (there's a lip inside the 1" bushing, make them the distance from that lip to the edge of the bushing so the straws end up flush with the top edge of the bushing)

Smear a dab of glue around the center of one of the straw pieces and stick it in the bushing. Continue with more of the pieces, snugging them up to one another as you go around in a circle. Using a tweezer to set the pieces in the bushing helps ALOT.

Keep going until you complete the circle and then go back and adjust the pieces around to best fill the gaps.

Continue gluing and inserting pieces until the entire bushing is filled with straws.Do your best while inserting to keep them parallel to the sides of the bushing. When you're done with the straws, sight from the inside of the bushing and check the alignment of the straws and move them around while the glue is soft so that the light will exit the straws in a straight line (easier seen than written about)


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