Project 1
C Stand Model 1 - Galvanized pipe, top to bottom - Page 3

Drill a hole in the flattest part of the 3/4" x 1/2" bell coupling. Use a smaller bit than the one that comes with the tap if you have one and then redrill with the correct bit. It'll make the drilling easier. This job is easiest in a drill press but a hand drill will do if you're patient. Note the wood stick holding the part perpendicular to the bit. Also note the pliers holding the first (oh yea, wear eye protection too.........)

Repeat the hole drilling procedure on the 3 caps also. Try to get the hole in the center.

Once the hole is drilled out with the correct size bit, insert the tap and slowely turn, making sure to keep it perpendicular to the fitting. A small vise grips works great for this. If you've never tapped a hole before, you're going to be amazed at how easy it is!!! A nice sharp tap will go right through the fitting and leave you a perfect threaded hole.

Repeat the procedure on each of the 3 caps.

Put a 5/16 hex nut on the caster to use as a leveling device and thread the caster onto the cap.

By adjusting the hex nuts on each of the casters you can level the central stem of the stand. Eyeball it against a door jamb behind the stand and rotate each leg around, leveling it to match the edge of a door jamb (close one eye and 'sight' along the stand/door jamb). Depending on the brand of the fittings you use, you might be able to leave the hex nut off of the longest leg and adjust the other 2 legs to make it level.

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