Project 5

Boom Clamps/Reflector Holders
By Ed Baumgarten

Fastening items to booms and stands is one of the most often and many times, most vital part of any studio.

Reflector holders available on eBay typically consist of a 'baby' boom and some sort of clamping device to hold a reflector. Some include a knuckle to hold the boom to a stand and some don't. Although this article doesn't show how to construct a knuckle, it does show  how to make some pretty heavy duty clamps to mount to a baby or light stand to hold a reflector, use to prop a part (I use these for propping ALOT), hold a piece of fishing line that's holding a part, a flag or whatever you might decide to hold in mid air.

Your shopping list for a single one of these is as follows (you'll want a pair or more of these so shop accordingly, look for quantity buys):
1=1" 'A' Clamp
2=1/4" Wing Nut
1=1/2" Nyloc nut (hex nut with nylon locking insert)
1=1/4" x 3/4" Hex Bolt
1=1/2" EMT Conduit Hanger with bolt (mine came 5 to a bag, found in the electrical supplies department)

Grand total for a single one of these babies from my home center:

The 1/2" EMT Conduit hanger is the key here. It will tighten down to fit a 5/8 Baby and will also fit around 1/2" EMT conduit (and light stands, and booms etc.....).

Assemble the parts as shown above. Replace the stock hex nut on the carriage bolt that comes with the conduit hanger with one of the wing nuts. Put the 1/4" hex bolt through the other hole in the hanger and fasten securely with the Nyloc nut to form a stud. Drill a 1/4" hole through one arm of the A Clamp and mount it onto the 1/4" hex bolt stud and secure with the other wingnut. You may want to put a 1/4" flat washer inside the A Clamp arm to give the wing nut a bit of clearance.

The assembled clamp.

Holding a reflector on a Baby.